Ditalini 500gr


This pasta from Campania is small, cylindrical and striped, it is perfect with soups. The name ‘ditalini’ comes from its resemblance to ‘piccoli ditali’, meaning thimble. In Neapolitan cuisine, this pasta is often used for what is commonly called ‘minestre asciutte’ meaning ‘dry soups’ such as ‘Pasta e Fagioli’ – pasta with beans, ‘Pasta e Piselli’ – pasta and peas or even ‘Pasta e Patate’ – pasta and potatoes. 

Ingredients and allergens: Durum wheat semolina, type 1 flour, water

Preparation time: 24 hours.

The product can be frozen.

Good fresh pasta in Rawpasta's ditalini shape
Ditalini 500gr