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The following business terms and conditions govern purchases via the online store (hereinafter: the online store). These rules ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction. The business conditions also concern the rights of the user or buyer and the business relations between the buyer or users and shops as suppliers or sellers. All information published on this website is of a general informational nature and does not constitute legal advice or any other service. The company Habemus restaurants and gostilna d.o.o. (or Habemus d.o.o. for short) undertakes that all information published on the website will be accurate and up-to-date, but declines all responsibility for any technical malfunctions, including those related to telematics networks, which could lead to delays in updating the information itself. The general conditions of the website are harmonized with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2) and international codes for electronic business.

Provider identity

The website is managed by the company Habemus restaurante in gostilne d.o.o. (Provider). The company is registered in the AJPES register (Business Register of Slovenia) and with the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, is liable for VAT and is also registered with AJPES for online sales.

Essential characteristics of the goods

Each item offered by the online store is described in detail on the website.

Product availability

All products offered in our online store are fresh artisan products, therefore availability and duration restrictions apply, but if the product is available online at, it will be shipped/delivered as soon as possible time, i.e. within five working days, but in most cases even faster. From the moment the provider ships the ordered product, which the buyer will be informed about by email, according to the contract concluded between Habemus d.o.o. and its logistics partners Pošta Slovenije, delivered within one working day. Habemus d.o.o. under no circumstances can it be held responsible for delivery delays that can be attributed to Pošta Slovenije.


All product prices in the online store are clearly and unambiguously stated: it is clear what the price of the product is (all prices already include VAT) and what the delivery/postage costs are.

Product prices refer to packaging quantities and are clearly and unambiguously expressed both by weight and by approximate number of servings.

All elements that identify the quantity of an individual product are clearly and unambiguously stated in the description of the products themselves in the online store and also on individual packaged products.

Prices are valid at the time of order and do not have a predetermined validity.

The prices are valid in the case of payment using the specified payment methods and under the specified conditions.

Method of payment

The purchase is paid according to the pre-invoice. The price of the product does not include shipping costs, which will be calculated in the last step of ordering and depend on the quantity of goods purchased. Shipping costs include packing, postage and handling charges.

Habemus d.o.o. will issue a detailed itemized invoice to the customer on a durable medium, i.e. detailing the cost of each product, VAT and shipping costs.

The sales contract (order) is archived in electronic form at Habemus d.o.o. The buyer has the right to obtain a copy of the contract, also on paper, by requesting it by e-mail to Habemus d.o.o. undertakes to send a copy of the required documents (contract, order, invoice…) by e-mail or regular mail to the address specified by the buyer/investor.

Purchase process

Product order

There is no minimum purchase amount. The customer selects the desired product and clicks the “add to cart” button. When the product is added to the cart, the quantity is visible in the cart itself. If the selected product is not suitable for the buyer, he can remove it from the cart by clicking the “remove” button. If the buyer wants to continue with the purchase (he wants to buy other products), he clicks “continue with purchase”. When the buyer has finished selecting the desired products, he enters personal data and the required information in the form that follows. Once the customer confirms the order (clicks on the “order” button), it is no longer possible to change the order via the website.

The order is being processed

After submitting the order, the buyer receives an electronic notification that his order has been accepted and is being processed. Any change or cancellation of the order can be made by the buyer within 3 (three) hours of confirming the order online at the email address:

Shipping the product

The provider sends the goods to the buyer within the agreed terms and in the agreed ways.

Receipt of goods

The buyer receives and collects the goods in the agreed manner.

The right to withdraw from the purchase, return the goods, refund the payments made

Since these are fresh and perishable products, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase, so that within two days of receiving the received goods, without having to state the reasons for the return, he informs the supplier about this at the email address

In case of withdrawal from the contract, Habemus d.o.o., through its logistics partner Pošta Slovenije, will collect the goods from the buyer free of charge, on the condition that the buyer himself delivers the goods he wants to return to Pošta Slovenije in undamaged original packaging and in the same quantity received.

The buyer must return the goods received undamaged and in the same quantity, unless the goods are damaged through no fault of the buyer. In the event that the buyer asserts the right to withdraw from the contract, payments made in favor of Habemus d.o.o. will be refunded to the buyer as soon as possible, but no later than within fifteen working days of receiving the notice of withdrawal from the contract. Refunds are made to the customer’s bank account notified in writing.


The ordered goods will be delivered to the logistics partner for delivery within four working days after receiving the order.

If this is not possible due to special circumstances, Habemus d.o.o. will notify the buyer immediately to agree on other terms of delivery or to withdraw from the contract.

The logistics partner Pošta Slovenije will deliver the goods to the customer within one working day from the date of collection from the supplier.

The logistics partner for sending shipments is Pošta Slovenije, but Habemus d.o.o. reserves the right to choose another delivery service/logistics partner at any time.

Delivery will be made to the address specified by the buyer when placing the order. The logistics partner (Pošta Slovenije) and the buyer will directly agree on the exact time and possible alternative location of the pick-up, provided that the latter provided a telephone number when placing the order.

Delivery costs depend on the prices according to the price list of Pošta Slovenije.


The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data and payments.

Protection of personal data

Habemus d.o.o. undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the customer (user) and store all exchanged documentation and communication with the customer.

We will use the customer’s personal data exclusively for the purpose of processing the order (sending informative material, offers, invoices) and other necessary communications.

Under no circumstances will we share or disseminate the customer’s personal data with unauthorized persons outside Habemus d.o.o. without the prior written permission of the customer himself.


Contacts with the buyer will take place via electronic means of communication at a distance, unless the buyer expressly and formally objects to this.


Habemus d.o.o. undertakes to do its best to ensure that the information published on the website is up-to-date and correct. However, product features, delivery times or prices may vary at a faster rate than the ability to update the above information. In this case, Habemus d.o.o. will informed the buyer of all changes and guaranteed him the right to withdraw from the contract or change the order placed.

Although Habemus d.o.o. strives to provide accurate photos that fully correspond to the products for sale, all photos are intended as indicative and symbolic. The photos do not really guarantee the features of the product.

Habemus d.o.o. reserves the right to change the business conditions at any time and in any way, for any reason and without prior notice.

Complaints and disputes

Habemus d.o.o. fully complies with applicable consumer protection legislation and does its best to meet customer expectations.

In case of complaints, the buyer can contact the supplier in writing via the email address The company Habemus d.o.o. undertakes, within the limits of reason and its objective possibilities, to try to resolve any complaint or dispute in a friendly and consensual manner, linearly and confidentially.

If this is not possible, the appropriate court in Ljubljana has jurisdiction over any legal disputes.

Privacy Policy

Habemus d.o.o. pays a lot of attention to the protection, storage and confidentiality of personal data of customers/users, and therefore conscientiously observes the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. Furthermore, in relation to the type of personal data collected, Habemus d.o.o. applies the principle of full transparency. Data is collected and processed exclusively with the express consent of the customer/user.

How do we get your information?

Habemus d.o.o. only collects data provided by the user (for example, for promotional sales, to subscribe to newsletters, to participate in events, competitions, workshops or surveys) and only if its use has been previously approved.

For what purposes do we use your data?

We store and use personal identification data (name, surname, place of residence, date of birth, e-mail address and telephone number) for:

– answers to your questions,

– advice on the use of products,

– confirmation of participation in initiatives,

– for informational and marketing purposes for Raw Pasta products (Habemus d.o.o.)

– analysis of consumer habits and use of products in order to improve the quality of services.

Habemus d.o.o. under no circumstances will it forward customer/user data to third parties. Furthermore, Habemus d.o.o. under no circumstances will it publish customer/user information on social media. Any publication of personal data on social networks requires the specific and formal temporary approval of the customer/user. Habemus d.o.o. will disclose the personal data of one or more customers/users only if it is officially requested by a judicial authority and/or an authorized state authority.

What access do we have to the database?

Habemus d.o.o. keeps the personal data of customers/users until they explicitly request their cancellation. Every customer/user has the right to obtain any information about the management and processing of their personal data by sending a written request to When the buyer/user formally expresses his will to have his personal data deleted from the supplier’s database, Habemus d.o.o. take care of this as soon as possible, but definitely within 15 working days at the latest. To update, correct or delete personal data, any customer/user can write to:


Mail: Habemus restaurants and gostilne d.o.o., Celovška cesta 103,, 1000 Ljubljana

Habemus d.o.o. uses the latest security measures to protect customer/user personal data from loss, misuse, theft, alteration or access by third parties. Therefore, the database is protected by access passwords that are used only by authorized personnel.

The SRS platform

Link to the online dispute resolution platform of the European Commission (SRS platform)

Regarding the possible out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, Habemus d.o.o. refers exclusively to European regulations and in particular to the SRS platform and does not recognize any other provider of these services that the buyer/user engages. Habemus d.o.o. publishes an electronic link to the platform for online resolution of consumer disputes (SRS) on the website The SRS platform is at the electronic link:

Ljubljana, July 20, 2020