A typical Italian recipe from Lazio.

This is another timeless Italian recipe. The ingredients are simple but preparing this pasta requires a lot of attention, if your timing is wrong the cheese could cook too much and become rubbery. However, It’s impossible to go wrong if you use our products and follow our simple recipe.

Ingredients for 4/5 people


Try these pasta shapes:

You can also try 100% semolina pasta, whole-grain pasta or egg pasta.


Cook the fresh pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water. In the meanwhile, heat up the ‘Cacio e Pepe’ sauce on a low flame, adding some pasta water until the mixture is creamy and smooth. Drain the pasta once it is ‘al dente’ and sauté it in the pan with the sauce on a very low flame or even off the heat. If the cheese is becoming too dense, add a few ladles of pasta water and mix. Serve with a lot of black pepper and grated pecorino.

Your ‘pasta fresca’ with ‘Cacio e Pepe’ sauce is ready.

Buon Appetito!

A plate of succulent cocoa spaghetti according to the tasty and simple recipe for homemade Fresh Pasta Cacio e Pepe sauce By raw pasta Ljubljana

Spaghettoni al Cacao with ‘Cacio e Pepe’ Sauce Rawpasta