Ragù all’Emiliana 300gr 2 portions


This is the traditional recipe made by Emilian grandmothers or ‘nonne’. To make this ragù, we use pork and beef minced meat, sausage, tomato concentrate, celery, onion, and carrots. We cook everything on a low flame for 12 hours and always make it with lots of love. Please, don’t call it ‘Bolognese’, it’s a sensitive type and it won’t answer, that’s why we all it ragù! Ragù is great with pappardelle or shorter pasta shapes such as fusilli. 

Ingredients and allergens: Beef, pork, carrots, celery, onions, tomato paste, red wine, nutmeg, milk, butter, salt.

Preparation time: 24 hours.

The product can be frozen.

the good traditional bolognese ragu by Raw Pasta
Ragù all’Emiliana 300gr 2 portions