Maccheroni Integrali (Wholemeal Macaroni) 500gr


This short cylindrical whole-grain pasta comes from the region of Campania. The term ‘Maccherone’ has incorrectly become a synonym for pasta in general around the world; however, we use this term for this specific pasta only in Italy. The texture of this pasta makes it great for capturing any type of sauce, especially creamy ones like ‘Pesto Rosso’ and ‘Pesto di Olive’, these flavours combine very well with the aroma of the flour.

Ingredients and allergens: Durum wheat semolina, Wholemeal flour, water

Preparation time: 24 hours.

The product can be frozen.

The tasty Fresh Wholemeal Macaroni by Raw Pasta
Maccheroni Integrali (Wholemeal Macaroni) 500gr