This pasta, made with tuna and ginger is fresh and tasty, but at the same time thick and comforting. Try this recipe with our garlic and parsley spaghettoni.

Ingredients for 4/5 people

Try these pasta shapes:

You can also try 100% semolina pasta, whole-grain pasta or egg pasta.


Preparing this past is very simple. Cook the pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water. In the meanwhile, heat up the sauce in a pan on a very low flame. Drain the pasta once it is ‘al dente’ and keep some pasta water aside. Sauté the pasta with the sauce and add a few ladles of pasta water, mix.  Serve with some grated lemon rind and some extra virgin olive oil.

Your ‘Pasta fresca’ with ‘Tonno e Zenzero’ sauce is ready

Buon Appetito!

A tasty dish of spaghetti with garlic and parsley according to the recipe with Tuna and Ginger sauce by Rawpasta Ljubljana

Spaghettoni Aglio e Prezzemolo with Tuna and Ginger Sauce Rawpasta