The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem.  Our ragù is delicious because it is fresh, full of flavor, and is artisanal. Any good marketing department would know to write these three things into their advertisement. Writing about how good ragù is isn’t enough, you have to be able to make it! 

Our ragù is that good because we only use fresh products. We pick and choose all the best vegetables in the market here in Ljubljana, which we then clean and thinly cut with great care. 

What about the meat? Anyone can buy cheap mincemeat, but it will most likely be composed of the fatty waste left over from other cuts. We only use the best parts of beef and pork. We also remove the extra fat and prepare the meat to be of the best possible quality so you can experience an amazing flavour. 

There are still many ingredients left to make a great ragù, such as fresh creamy milk and lots of cow milk butter. We never use margarine or hydrogenated vegetable fats. We then add high-quality, smooth and seasoned red wine, nutmeg, and spices that are all carefully dosed. 

We still haven’t mentioned another essential ingredient for our ragù. We use a carefully selected original and artisanal tomato concentrate from the south of Italy. 

Most importantly, an excellent ragù takes time. We cook our ragù on a low flame for at least 12 hours. During this time, the ingredients mix and create a fantastic and unique taste. 

However, the real reason our ragù is so good is because of our passion and love for good cuisine. Making ragù is not a task; it is a ritual that honors our grandmothers and their determination to bring the best of Emilian tradition to the table.