Pappardelle all’Uovo (Egg Pappardelle) 500gr


Famous wider version of the tagliatelle cousins, already known in Tuscany in the late Middle Ages. The width of the pappardelle can vary from 2 cm up to 4 cm, depending on the region or family recipes, ours are exactly 2.4 cm! Their name derives from the Tuscan dialect “pappare”, that is to eat. Tradition associates them with full-bodied condiments with a strong taste, such as sauces based on game or with mushrooms.

Ingredients and allergens: Durum wheat semolina, type 1 flour, eggs, water

Preparation time: 24 hours.

The product can be frozen.

Fresh homemade egg pasta Pappardelle Rawpasta Ljubljana
Pappardelle all’Uovo (Egg Pappardelle) 500gr