Apulian Taralli


Taralli have been for centuries one of the tastiest and simplest foods of the poor cuisine of Puglia. Few but good ingredients, those always available in the pantries: Flour, Olive Oil, White Wine, Salt. The dough baked in the oven in the classic ring shape gratifies the palate, it is crunchy but crumbly and satiating. They have become a symbol of friendship and moments of conviviality and hospitality. The saying “ending up in taralli and wine” embodies the essence of this culinary tradition. They are perfect to accompany an aperitif, with cured meats and cheeses, with olives or vegetable preserves, enhancing their flavors without covering them, or as a simple and healthy snack.

Ingredients and Allergens: Wheat Flour, White Wine (contains Sulphites) sunflower oil, salt, olive oil, pea proteins. It may contain traces of: cereals, fish, peanuts, soy, milk, walnuts, celery, sesame seeds, mustard, sulfur dioxide and sulphites.

raw pasta prigrizek taralli v večjem in manjšem pakiranju
Apulian Taralli
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